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Caterpillar Olympian Generator Set

Powered by SC (CAT) series diesel engine, the SC (CAT) generator set (63~300kVA) is equipped with well known brushless excitation alternators of Marathon and Stamford, and DEEPSEA control panels of UK.

With automatic protective device, SC (CAT) generator set can automatically control and regulate the water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, and speed. It has many advantages such as automatic speed regulation, automatic voltage regulation, good dynamic performance, stable fluctuation of voltage, high efficiency, high reliability, long service life, and more. These generator sets can be combined as a power station group with automatic start system in accordance with customer's requirements.

The SC11 (CAT) engine is manufactured based on the US Caterpillar 3300 series diesel engines. This range of diesel engines not only feature high reliability, long service life, easy maintenance like Caterpillar 3300, but also possess the advantages of energy-saving, low-noise, and low emission. Advanced technologies such as supercharge, intermediate cooling are adopted to greatly reduce the noise of the diesel engine. Moreover, with many attachments integrated on one engine, the diesel engine is of compact structure, beautiful design, easy assembly and convenient maintenance. Hence, SC (CAT) engines are well received on both domestic and overseas markets.

SC11 (CAT) Generator Set 50/60Hz 230V/400V

Model Power (kW / kVA) Engine Model Alternator Model Dimension Weight
Prime Standby Open Type Open Type
RSM50 50/63 55/69 SC5D108D MP-50-4 2416×1035×1840 1750
RSM75 75/94 82/103 SC5D108D MP-75-4 2871×1100×1897 2500
RSM80 80/100 88/110 SC5D122D MP-80-4 2871×1100×1897 2500
RSM90 90/113 99/124 SC5D145D MP-90-4 2871×1100×1897 2760
RSM120 120/150 132/165 SC8D200D MP-120-4 2979×1220×2000 2760
RSM150 150/188 165/206 SC8D220D MP-160-4 2979×1220×2000 3100
RSM160 160/200 176/220 SC9D245D MP-160-4 3140×1400×2150 3150
RSM190 190/238 209/261 SC9D280D MP-200-4 3450×1420×2150 3900
RSM200 200/250 220/275 SC11C300D MP-200-4 3450×1420×2200 3900
RSM220 220/275 242/303 SC11C350D MP-220-4 3450×1420×2200 4000

As a professional SC (CAT) generator set supplier in China, RISE Power Equipment Inc. has gained much experience in supplying series of generator sets, including gas powered generator set, Deutz generator set, Yanmar generator set, and Lister-Petter generator set, to name a few. At the same time, we also provide marine generators, marine engines, related accessories, and more. Our company has received ISO9001:2000 certification due to our operation in strict accordance with international standards. Ever since our company was established, we have committed to supplying top quality equipment. Hence, with reliable quality, stable performance and long service life, our products are very popular both at home and in many overseas countries. If you are interested in our SC (CAT) generator set or other equipment, please feel free to contact us. We at RISE Power are ready to serve you.

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