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Mitsubishi Generator Set (625~2000kVA)

Powered by SME Mitsubishi diesel engine, the Mitsubishi generator set adopts control system from UK Deep Sea Electronics, which has a backlit LCD display, available for a clear display of the generator set’s operation under any cases, besides, it also has a wide range of features covering multi-language option, remote monitoring, frequency, voltage, current, oil pressure, water temperature and oil level monitoring as well as various alarms and automatic shutdown protection functions.

The Mitsubishi generator set is designed with sound attenuated enclosure, paralleling system, ATS cabinet, GSM super remote monitoring and GPS positioning, making it an intelligent generator set.

The generator set is equipped with whole set of maintenance-free battery starting system, which only requires you to pour motor oil and coolant into the machine and switch on the positive and negative power supply to start the machine, greatly improving convenience in machine using. Being designed with SME Mitsubishi diesel engine and spare parts, the generator set eliminates the customer’s worries and ensures them with reliable components supply and maintenance services. No matter what fields you are in, Mitsubishi generator set will always be your reliable power supplier and engine for success.

SME is a joint venture company co-established by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd and Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial Group, it mainly specializes in producing various models of S6R2,S12R,S16R series engines that have been approved by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, covering S6R2,S12R,S16R engines and other engines. These engines are mainly applied for land-use generator set, with the power ranging from 500kw-2000kw. The 8 models of S6R2/S12R/S16R engines here at SME are all consistent with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in technical, production and quality of the products.

Being designed with fuel system and integrated design of engine body of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, SME engine has excellent performance and is available in high power, high stability, low-emission power output, making it being reliable all the time.

Specification of Mitsubishi generator set:
Model Prime Power (kW) Standby Power (kW) Engine Engine Rated Power(kW) Cylinders Displacement (L) Alternator Rated Current(A) Dimensions
D500MG 500 550 S6R2-PTA-C 575 6L 29.96 MP-500-4 902 3440×1410
D540MG 540 594 S6R2-PTA-C 575 6L 29.96 MX-560-4 974 3800×1410
D600MG 600 660 S6R2-PTAA-C 645 6L 29.96 MX-600-4 1083 4050×1660
D800MG 800 880 S12H-PTA 878 12L 49.03 MX-850-4 1443 4530×1660
D1000MG 1000 1100 S12R-PTA-C 1080 12L 49.03 MX-1030-4 1804 4690×2100
D1100MG 1100 1210 S12R-PTA2-C 1165 12L 49.03 MX-1240-4 1985 4580×1850
D1200MG 1200 1320 S12R-PTAA2-C 1277 12L 49.03 MX-1240-4 2165 5155*2195
D1360MG 1360 1496 S16R-PTA-C 1450 16L 65.37 MX-1360-4 2454 5400×1850
D1500MG 1500 1650 S16R-PTA2-C 1600 16L 65.37 MX-1540-4 2706 5380×2560
D1600MG 1600 1760 S16R-PTAA2-C 1684 16L 65.37 MX-1600-4 2887 5870×2395
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