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MTU Generator Set

Powered by MTU series diesel engine, the MTU generator set is equipped with famous brushless excitation alternators of Marathon and Stamford, and control panels of DEEPSEA from UK.

MTU Generator Set

With automatic protective device, MTU generator set can automatically control and regulate the water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, and speed. It has many advantages such as automatic speed regulation, automatic voltage regulation, good dynamic performance, stable fluctuation of voltage, high efficiency, high reliability, long service life, and more. These generator sets can be combined as a power station group with automatic start system according to customer's requirements.

The high power MTU generator set utilizes electronic fuel injection diesel engine of world-famous German Daimler-Chrysler MTU. The history of MTU can be traced back to the 18th century of machine age. And now, persisting in producing high quality products, MTU stands out as top-ranking manufacturers of engines in the world owing to its unexampled advanced technology. For MTU, high quality engines means engines with advanced technology, high reliability, excellent performance, environment-friendliness and long service life.

MTU Series Generator Set 50Hz 230V/ 400V

Model Power (kVA/kW) Engine Model Dimension Weight(kg)
Prime Standby Open Type Open Type
RMM515 643/515 708/567 12V2000G25 3680*1700*2160 5434
RMM576 720/576 781/625 12V2000G63 4000*1750*2050 5900
RMM640 800/640 880/704 12V2000G65 4500*1750*2080 6188
RMM728 910/728 1000/800 16V2000G25 4500*1750*2080 7084
RMM800 1000/800 1100/880 16V2000G65 4500*1750*2080 7247
RMM908 1135/908 1250/1000 18V2000G65 4600*2100*2300 8000
RMM1000 1250/1000 1375/1100 12V4000G21R 6150*2150*2400 11910
RMM1120 1400/1120 N/A 12V4000G23R 6150*2150*2400 12030
RMM1240 1550/1240 1660/1328 12V4000G23 6150*2150*2400 12210
RMM1312 1640/1312 18000/1440 12V4000G23 6150*2150*2400 12250
RMM1450 1813/1450 2000/1600 12V4000G63 6150*2150*2400 12300
RMM1640 2050/1640 2250/1800 12V4000G63 6500*2600*2500 12400
RMM1760 2200/1760 2375/1900 16V4000G63 6500*2600*2500 14500
RMM2000S N/A 2500/2000 16V4000G63 6500*2600*2500 14550
RMM2000 2500/2000 2750/2200 20V4000G23 8300*2950*2550 16720
RMM2200 2750/2200 3000/2400 20V4000G63 8300*2950*2550 17500
RMM2400 3000/2400 3250/2600 20V4000G63L 8300*2950*2550 18500

MTU Series Generator Set 60Hz 220V/ 440V

Model Power (kVA/kW) Engine Model Dimension Weight(kg)
Prime Standby Open Type Open Type
RMM725-60 906/725 1000/800 12V2000G85 4000*1750*2050 5500
RMM820-60 1025/820 1137/910 16V2000G45 4500*2100*2080 7100
RMM908-60 1135/908 1250/1000 16V2000G85 4500*2100*2080 7400
RMM1070-60 1337/1070 1462/1170 18V2000G85 4600*2100*2300 8200
RMM1360-60 1700/1360 1875/1500 12V4000G43 3960*1835*2260 12250
RMM1600-60 2000/1600 2200/1760 12V4000G83 3980*1845*2270 12400
RMM1820-60 2275/1820 2500/2000 16V4000G43 4790*1845*2270 14400
RMM2000-60 2500/2000 2750/2200 16V4000G83 5400*1845*2500 14600
RMM2250-60 2813/2250 3125/2500 20V4000G43 5650*1900*2650 16900
RMM2500-60 3125/2500 3438/2750 20V4000G83 5700*1950*2700 18000
RMM2760-60 3450/2760 3750/3000 20V4000G83L 5750*1980*2750 19000

Guangdong Rise Power Equipment Inc. is one of the leading MTU generator set suppliers in China. In addition to the MTU generator set, we also provide Yanmar generator set, John Deere generator set, gas powered generator set, SDEC marine generator, Leroy Somer alternator, and more. With reliable qulity and stable performance, our equipment finds a good sale in both domestic and overseas markets. Moreover, located in Guangzhou, China, our company has easy access to complete infrastructure, developed trade, convenient air, sea and land transportation, which contribute to desreasing our transportaiton cost and saving shipping charges for our customers. If you are interested in our MTU generator set or other equipment, please feel free to contact us. We at Rise Power look forward to hearing froim you.

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