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  • Soundproof Generator Set (12~1250kVA) 1. The genset is covered with waterproof and anti-corrosion canopy;
    2. It can be used under any weather condition (the oil-water heater will be needed if ambient temperature is very low).
    3. The noise level is lower than 75dB (at 7m) ...
  • Trailer Generator Set (25~1250kVA) It can assemble various gensets to better satisfy customers' requirements;
    This genset has two trailer structures: half-link and full link.
    The canopy undergoes special waterproof, anti-dust, and anti-rust treatments, and has two types-standard and silent type. ..
  • Vehicle Mounted Generator Set (25~1250kVA) 1. Power range: 20-1000KW;
    2. In order to meet the special requirements of customers, it can assemble various gensets.
    3. The canopy, processed by special waterproof, anti-dust, and anti-rust treatment, is fixed on the vehicle...
  • Containerised Generator Set (700~2500kVA) Containerised generator set here at RISE Power is a whole set of power generation system, which consists of all the components necessary for safety operation of the engine. After being thoroughly tested and when all the field preparations covering fuel, coolant, lubricant, power connection ...
  • Medium Frequency Generator Set The medium frequency generator set produced by our company is mainly used with power source of airfield, radar, and all kinds of communications. We provide medium frequency generators with 11 specifications and 12 types, including 30, 50, 75, 90, 120, 200KW, which have different output, double current output, for example. Additionally, we can also provide tailor-made medium...
  • High Voltage Generator Set 1. Direct high-voltage output, small loss, high efficiency, and rapid response.
    2. The use of high-voltage units can reduce transmission loss and investment in cable, and thus the high voltage generator set is suitable for long-distance carrier.
    3. Impact resistance to load fluctuation, large loading capacity...