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The marine series of RISE Power includes marine generator sets, marine engines, and matching gearboxes and propellers, etc. We are able to provide a full range of power support for ships, and our products meet the stringent environmental requirements for marine use.

  • Marine Generator 1. 50-1000kVA marine genset adopts the Cummins(Sino-USA) 4/6B, 6CT, N/KT series marine diesel engine (CCS Certificate);
    2. It is equipped with some famous brushless excitation alternators (Marathon, Stamford, etc.);
    3. With auto protective device, the diesel generator can control and protect the water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, and the speed.
    4. Other Marine Classification Society Approval can be supplied upon request, such as BV(France), ABS(USA), etc.
    Advantages of Cummins Marine Generator...
  • Marine Engine Applications of Cummins Marine Propulsion Engine
    This marine engine is designed and manufactured for continuous use in applications requiring uninterrupted service at full power. It is suitable for fresh water or ocean-going boats such as fishing trawlers, ferry, passenger boat, deep river towboats, cargo, etc.
    4BT, 6BT, 6CT Engine Collection for Marine Diesel Genset
    -Fresh-raw water heat exchanger, expansion tank, fresh & raw water pump, panel installed on engine, air cleaner, flywheel and flywheel housing...
  • Marine Accessories Introduction of Marine Accessories
    1. RISEPower marine gearbox series products are designed and manufactured to standards and criterions of international shipping classification societies
    2. Our marine accessories are very popular in international markets.

    Application of Marine Accessories
    They are widely applicable to form of power units for coastal and oceanic fishery ships, traffic ferry, pleasure-boat, special type engineering boat...