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The generator set accessories of RISE Power include alternator, engine, spare parts, controller, automatic switch cabinet (ATS), automatic control cabinet, etc. While meeting the diversified needs of customers, we can provide a full range of original accessories and consumables in a short time to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the products.

  • Alternator 1. MAGNAPLUS® generators provide powerful performance, dependable power generation and convenient installation.
    2. The SE350 voltage regulator is ruggedly constructed with state-of-the-art technology;
    3. MAGNAPLUS® designs offer an optional, field adaptable, permanent magnet generator which can be combined with our PM300 or DVR2000 voltage regulators.
    4. This flexibility in configurations makes it applicable to the most demanding installations including loads that produce harmonic distortion as well as those requiring fault current support
    5. UL recognized, class H insulation system, and long life bearings....
  • Generator Control System 1. Start/stop controller.
    2. Ampere meter.
    3. Voltmeter and selector switch.
    4. Frequency meter, water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, hour counter, battery voltage meter.
    5. Emergency stop button.
    6. Over speed and high engine temperature alarm system.
    7. Low oil pressure, charge fail control system.
    8. Protection system: over speed, high engine temperature, low oil pressure, emergency stop and the other protection function pre-setting....
  • Generator Spare Parts Description of Electrical (Starters):
    Cummins Series, Shanghai Diesel Engine Company (SDEC) Series, WEICHAI Series etc
  • Diesel Engine This range of SC (CAT) series diesel engine not only features high reliability, long service life, easy maintenance like Caterpillar 3300, but also possesses the advantages of energy-saving, low-noise, and low emission. Advanced technologies such as supercharge, intermediate cooling are adopted to greatly reduce the noise of the diesel engine. Moreover, with many attachments integrated on one engine, the RISE Power SC (CAT) series diesel engine is of compact structure, beautiful design, easy assembly and convenient maintenance. Hence, SC (CAT) engines are well received on both domestic and overseas markets...