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Cummins Marine Propulsion Engine

Applications of Cummins Marine Propulsion Engine
This marine engine is designed and manufactured for continuous use in applications requiring uninterrupted service at full power. It is suitable for fresh water or ocean-going boats such as fishing trawlers, ferry, passenger boat, deep river towboats, cargo, etc.

Cummins Marine Propulsion Engine

4BT, 6BT, 6CT Engine Collection for Marine Diesel Genset
-Fresh-raw water heat exchanger, expansion tank, fresh & raw water pump, panel installed on engine, air cleaner, flywheel and flywheel housing.
-Engine with gearbox sets: engine & gearbox connected and fixed on common base.

Parts for customer to choose:
Exhaust silencer

Instrument Panel:
Oil pressure gauge and sending unit;
Water temperature gauge and sending unit, etc.

Optional NT KT Marine Engine Standard Parts:
Heat exchanger and sea water pump
Water cooled exhaust manifold
Pad type front engine support and rear engine support
24V alternator and starter
Instrument Panel
Filters: Fuel, Oil Full flow and by-pass, Water and Air with intake resistance indicator Oil pan with 30~45 degree angle of inclination etc.

Certification offered:

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